So it seems like I am obsessed with Zillow and how they are truly trying to take over the Real Estate World.  I am not a Zillow preferred agent and probably should look into that, but for now I just report as I see it.  First of all Zillow has valued my home way over market price.  I’m not moving but if I call their I Buying Program I guarantee that they will NOT be offering me their Zestimate price! Guaranteed!!  So I read on Inman that they have introduced a new program being tested in Phoenix called “Tour it Now”.  Homeowners interested in viewing a home merely pull up the Zillow app which gives them directions to the property and how to unlock the door.  These must be homes purchased by Zillow as no normal human is going to let strangers walk into their homes.  Are these homes vacant?  Which in some cases means home doesn’t show as well without at least a bit of staging and accessorizing?  If not its going to be touchy to shower in the day or do anything else that involves privacy as showings are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  So they tout there is no reason to have an agent.  Heaven forbid that we have an actual HUMAN agent with a buyer.  So are these buyers qualified to purchase or just on a fun Zillow hunt adventure?  Having no agent means there is no direct feedback, no area knowledge, no suggestions on how to open a room by moving a wall, no space changing advice.  Basically no knowledge of the neighborhood, the schools, the walk score , nada!!!

Seriously it would be better for them to offer a house “robot” that is programmed with on information for buyers.   Keep checking for my constant Zillow ranting.  From what I read the Buying Program is not “flying off the shelf” as many home sellers are not accepting the Zillow Buying Price.  Cash or not as if your buyer is qualified they will get CASH from the bank.  It’s called a HOME LOAN.  Desirable homes in desirable areas are going to demand market price.  This little gesture just brings in “names” for the preferred Zillow agents to follow up on.   Sneaky but it works.

I just cringe at where we are heading.  Not that I believe that the service of a good human agent is going to disappear anytime soon.  Think of all the many pieces of a real estate transaction that truly need a seasoned experienced agent who spends most days solving problems and resolving issues.  These Zillow programs are exciting until a buyer realizes that the human condition is an incredibly valuable service!!!

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