Leucadia Real Estate and Property Values

Leucadia Home Sales and Future Price Trends

Leucadia is a small and secluded surfer town that is situated between the southern part of Carlsbad and the northern coastal part of Encinitas. The name of this beach community is derived from Greek mythology and it stands for “Isle of Paradise”. There is a strong surfing culture in Leucadia and was first discovered in the year 1870 by English settlers.
There are lots of streets in the community which are named after the legends of Greek mythology, namely Jupiter, Plato, Vulcan, and Hygeia. The town is an extremely relaxing place and therefore lots of surfers and tourists visit the area in order to relax in an easy going environment.
There are lots of restaurants and surfer business shops located in the city, while surfers from all over the world visit the place in search for the “perfect wave”. The scenic beauty of Leucadia combined with its gorgeous weather and tons of recreational and shopping opportunities makes this town a highly regarded tourist spot. There are lots of different beach spots that are popular amongst surfers, some of the common favorites are:
• Grandview Beach
• Beacon’s Beach
• Stonesteps Beach
• Swami’s Beach

One of the best places for real investment in Leucadia is Neptune Avenue, which mirrors the coast and provides access to the beaches of Leucadia. The real estate found in this area is expensive since it is highly sought after amongst real estate investors and home buyers.

The Neighborhoods
Expensive real estate is now springing up all over Leucadia and replacing the lush shrubbery and greenhouses in the town. There are lots of single family homes, which are placed on large lots, plus there are tons of custom made cottages that have easy access to the beach as well.
The newer neighborhoods in the community have started the condominium trend and these condos are being sold at close to $1 million each! This just goes on to show how valuable the current real estate market is in Leucadia and new home buyers should act fast before these figures start going up.
There have been plans to change the outlook of the neighborhoods in the community, but those plans have been met with fierce resistance, particularly from the town people, since they don’t want any major changes happening to their quite surfer town.

The Real Estate Picture in Leucadia
The real estate market is currently booming in the surfing community of Leucadia and there is currently lots of room for growth. The market has changed dramatically over the past couple of years, with lots of condominiums, single family apartments and homes being constructed. There are lots of exceptional schools now in Leucadia, which are highly rated in the Encinitas Union School District and therefore parents are now much more inclined to settle in the surfing town.
One of the best schools in the community is the Paul Ecke Central Elementary School, which was first constructed in 1942 and is now the ultimate pride of the entire town. The real estate industry is expected to become highly competitive in the next few years in the area, which is why if you are a home buyer or real estate investor who wants great value for their money then you should consider investing in real estate in Leucadia today.

The laid back community of Leucadia is a great spot for senior citizens and retired individuals, but lots of young families are now moving to the community, since there are excellent schooling options available for their children in the town as well.

Oceanside Schools

San Dieguito High School

800 Santa Fe Encinitas CA 92024 760-753-1121

Diegueno Middle School

2150 Village Pkwy Encinitas CA 92024 760-944-1892

Oak Crest Middle School

675 Balour Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

Capri Elementary

941 Capri Rd. Leucadia