It was coming. another birthday.  The day when normally I greatly look forward to not for gifts, though they are nice, but to a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  I decided that this year was to be ignored,  and birthdays, at least mine, were not going to exist.  A COVD birthday celebration wasn’t happening. I am like many of you spending my life in either home office, couch or number one location “the kitchen”.  The last thing I was excited about doing was cooking myself a birthday meal, and neither the husband or the two dogs were that great in the kitchen.   When my friend called and wanted to do a mask, gloves and social distance dinner party for a few of us I was a grump and said “birthday cancelled”.  Withdrawn.  Disappearing!  poof!  Seriously, how did she think we were going to actually eat and drink with our suit of armor on our bodies.  

She’s sneaky that one and called my husband to let him know a small caravan was coming and we were having a COVID Birthday Celebration. .  He warned her that it wasn’t a great idea that I was really “sheltering in place” and not happy as it was.  So the day of birthday came and he had to fess up about what was happening because he did not want me to throw a fit in front of my “caravan”.  I took it in stride and said it would be quick. They would honk their horns and then sing and wave and be on their way!  Well, let me tell you it’s truly great to have friends like these maniacs.  Showing up in the driveway with pizza, champagne, balloons, and giant banner and birthday cake.  Hard to stay grumpy when you’re met with all that love.  So fellow COVID birthday people you can have a COVID Birthday celebration and still stay safe.  Taking the photo was a two minute of “closeness” as even with a wide angle lens its a bear to take a six feet apart photos.  PLUS one was a Viral SCIENTIST, another a surgery nurse.  So all in all you feel like they know what they are doing.  

Thankfully the newly paved driveway was perfect and the guests even brought their own chairs.  There were gloves, masks, and distancing and great music playing from the car.  The pizza from local pizza restaurant was yummy and three bottles of champagne late the stories flowed of all our birthdays together.  Making this stressful and frankly horrible time a day to remember. When you have friends that love you and don’t listen to your stubborn crankiness it’s truly a reason to celebrate.  Nothing is more important than people we love!


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