House Guest

Once in a while a home offers more than views and beautiful space. You get to inherit a wonderful house guest.

Once in a great while you come across something rare and special in a home.  No matter how amazing a property is you sometimes find that “extra” touch that makes your heart open up!  This property in the Morning Ridge of Carlsbad is minutes from the Pacific Ocean and the Village of Carlsbad.  Its a beautiful property perfect for extended family as it offers a bedroom and bathroom on the mail level as well as a large Master Suite with Bonus Retreat and three other bedrooms.  It’s bright and open and welcoming and offers a large kitchen with amazing space for dining in.  It’s classic and warm and in one of Carlsbad very special areas.

The views of the canyon are expansive and as you can see from the photo you can literally see forever while taking a bath in the oversize tub.  A little bit of California decadence while enjoying a glass of wine and a special sunset.  Oh wait – what did we see but the most beautiful Road Runner I have ever seen.  Oh wait, the only road runner I have ever seen!!  Then poof, out of nowhere came another one and they proceeded to do the “road runner” tango right before our eyes.  Where else but on Black Rail can you get a amazing property, a huge wide open canyon with views forever and the beauty of nature with so many species of birds and “Lucy and Desi” as they were immediately named.  Come experience Carlsbad itself with its beautiful expansive beaches and charming village.  Walk the sand next to the boardwalk filled with strollers and very happy dogs.  The visit our Open House on August 11th on Black Rail Rd right off Poinsettia.  It’s great to have so much pleasure in one day!

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