Jumping headfirst into 2019 brings us some interesting real estate facts and options!  The world is changing as is buyers needs and wants!  It’s a fact that people are migrating away from urban areas strictly because they do not have the means to stay.  Moving to the suburbs has grown more popular as the economy slowly improves.  This makes these locations ideal for those hoping to grow their families.  The good news is that many lenders (please contact me for referrals) are offering not only “first time buyer” programs but also programs that will “wrap your student” loans into your home mortgage loan.  It’s an exciting program and of course depends on the buyers qualifications, but its a wonderful new option for younger purchasers!  Many rapidly metro areas face soaring rent prices that force lower income individuals to look farther down the road.   Without a doubt the actions that need addressing is more affordable housing units!  Again, its still a challenge for first time buyers and millennials to save for that “down payment and to meet the debt to income ratio required for a home purchase!   When rents are higher than a mortgage payment it’s time to re evaluate the living condition.

City planners need to consider connecting walking and biking paths between residential and commercial neighborhoods.  More and more companies are allowing “off site” work days to having all the lifestyle “necessities” within walking distance has become a “dream wish” for San Diego buyers.  That is where “walking Scores” have been a crucial part of my home searches.  Upward mobile professionals are considering a location’s walk score when choosing a new place to call home.  I know the city well, however I don’t know where every coffee shop and grocery story is located from a property.  Choosing this search vehicle I can narrow down the score of the community.  Ideally City Planners should focus on renovation and expansion projects to provide adequate connecting walking and biking paths between residential and commercial neighborhoods.  A search can be made to include a specific area that is attractive to future residents!  We can literally focus on these communities when doing a property search for a client.   A little extra work goes a long way on a home search!!!  We provide luxury service with all price points!!!!

As the city expands more and more gentrifying border areas of already booming neighborhoods become attractive.  it becomes a workable challenge for us and the client!  Let us go on that journey with you and explores areas of the city that are starting to boom.  Let’s go touring before the explosion!!!!

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